About us

Colorful Seasons is a new leading consumer label in the floriculture sector and its business operations are based on sustainability. Colorful Seasons strives for the development of a sustainable flower and plant assortment at European retail level. Therefore, we use our sustainable Colorful Seasons sleeve to pack all our products. 

Colorful Seasons cooperates with 8 high-quality growers, so we can guarantee that we supply the best quality plants. All our product go directly from the grower to the customer, this is not just beneficial to the quality, it also shortens the supply chain. 

We use our products and packaging to respond to the seasonal colours and national holidays. So, you always have a reason to buy a beautiful product from Colorful Seasons, or to surprise someone or to brighten up your home! And on top of that, it also improves the environment!

All packaging from Colorful Seasons is equipped with the FSC quality mark (Forest Stewardship Council). This means that it is produced in a sustainable way, in addition to the fact that it is also biodegradable!

Recently we were invited to the RTL4 program Bubbels&Zo to tell more about our concept, below you can find the broadcast!

We at Colorful Seasons strive for a world with less plastic and more flowers and plants.

You cannot buy happiness, but we do sell flowers and plant, which is almost the same.

What we stand for

  • Sustainability

  • High quality

  • Shortening of the supply chain

  • Right consumer look