Colorful Seasons is a leading flower and plant label. We use high-quality products and we improve the environment by using our biodegradable and stylish Colorful Seasons sleeves as packaging material.

Sustainability is the Future

Colorful Seasons
Colorful Seasons

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  • Colorful Gerbera

    The Colorful gerbera really cheers you up with its bright colours and large flowers, so it feels like the sun is shining all day

  • Colorful Chrysant

    The Colorful Chrysanthemum  is a real lucky charm! The symbolic meaning of a chrysanthemum is ‘thank you’.

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Sustainable and
biodegradable packaging:

Colorful Seasons uses sustainable materials for all its packaging. This way we contribute to a better environment and reduction of the use of plastic packaging.

Colorful Seasons biologisch papier
Biologisch afbreekbaar papier